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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Brief • 2021

Dealing with industrial contamination: Problems and solutions from Thailand and a call to action

Case study • 2021

The nexus of biodiversity and culture for local economic development

Project • CBA2020-04MY-Le

Towards sustainable mangrove-shrimp aquaculture through capacity building and partnership in the Mekong River Delta

Project • CRRP2020-09MY-Kantoush

Integrated Flood and Sediment MAnagement in River basins for susTainable development (FSMART)

Report • 2015

Project Final Report: CAF2014-CD04-NSY-Sharma

Report • 2017

Project Final Report: CBA2014-09NSY-Mathai

Report • 2016

Project Final Report: LCI2013-05CMY(R)-Jupesta

Report • 2016

Upscaling the Application of Low Carbon and Resource Efficient Technologies in India

Report • 2016

Energy Efficient Brick Production: Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns

Report • 2014

Project Final Report: CBA2013-14NSY-Maity