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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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APN celebrates the International Day of Biological Diversity

On May 22, 2021, APN celebrated the International Day of Biological Diversity 2021, by presenting two video testimonials from two recently completed APN-funded projects across our media platforms.

Following this year’s theme of “We’re part of the solution #ForNature,” the following videos highlight that proper management of our coastal forests and wetlands are part of the solution to conserve and protect biodiversity and our ecosystems.

Coastal forests

In addition to sustaining local livelihoods, coastal forests, such as mangroves, beach forests, and plantations help mitigate disaster risk and climate change impacts in the coast. Despite limited understanding of the policy impact and community-led coastal management efforts, there are valuable insights on bottom-up approaches in future policy-making and ecological systems management.

In this 45 second video, we see testimonial from project leader discussing the importance of wetlands and the solutions needed moving forward.

For more information on this project:

Video footage: BeThe Observer from Pexels

Wetlands Conservation

Wetlands serve as important habitats providing a range of ecological services to people and wildlife. They are important natural buffers against flood and serve as reservoirs acting like sponge and storing water. Despite this important function, wetlands are threatened due to land use and land cover change, inappropriate water resource management, and climate change. This is rooted from the lack of understanding of the benefits wetlands provide.

In this short video, we introduce capacity building as a solution to tackling some of the challenges of wetland conservation.

For more information on this project:

Video footage: Shah Jahan and Tom Fisk from Pexels

APN continues to support IPBES in strengthening the science-policy interface for biodiversity and ecosystem services for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, long-term human well-being and sustainable development.