The Second International Workshop on Human Impacts on Carbon Fluxes in Asian River Systems

River systems provide various ecosystem services that are crucial for sustaining rapidly expanding population centres across Asia. Despite far-reaching environmental impacts, human-induced perturbations such as impoundment and water pollution have rarely been linked to carbon export and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Asian river systems. An international collaborative research project has been supported by APN, with the primary aim of building a research network on carbon fluxes through Asian river systems to assess water pollution impacts on Asian rivers as a C source.

As a core project activity, an annual workshop is held in a regional hub – the Mekong (Southeast Asia), the Ganges-Brahmaputra (South Asia), and the Yellow River (East Asia) – to synthesize literature information and long-term data available from local sources and to conduct an exploratory study during a field trip. The specific objectives of the second workshop in Dhaka include: to obtain an overview of the current status on water pollution and its impacts on riverine C fluxes in the Ganges and other focal river basins; to find out long-term data available from local sources with an ultimate goal to produce regional-scale estimates of the riverine C export and GHG emissions; and to disseminate standardized C monitoring methods among project members and other workshop participants through a technical session combined with a field trip. Project members and invited speakers who have worked on riverine carbon dynamics will build ad-hoc review teams to publish reviews or primary papers identifying key issues and future research needs.


Event Title Second International Workshop on Human Impacts on Carbon Fluxes in Asian River Systems
Date/Time 9–11 February 2018
Venue Jahangirnagar University, Lake Castle Hotel), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Organisers/Partners Organisers:
Ewha Womans University, Republic of Korea
Jahangirnagar University, BangladeshSponsors:
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research
Ewha Womans University
Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Participation Although the oral presentation sessions consist only of invited speeches, a poster session may be open to other participants upon request. If you want to present a poster or attend the meeting without any presentation, please contact the project leader at to request an abstract template and hotel reservation. Participants are required to pay a registration fee of 100 USD on site, which will cover meals and services provided during the workshop and field trip.

Abstract deadline: 22 December 2017

Documents For more information about the workshop and abstract submission: 2nd Worshop_Brochure
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