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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CRP2006-02NMY, CRP2007-02CMY, CRP2008-02CMY

Integrated Model Development for Water and Food Security Assessments and Analysis of the Potential of Mitigation Options and Sustainable Development Opportunities in Temperate Northeast Asia

Project • 2006-14-NSY

Workshop on “Global Water System Hotspots in the Asian Region: Mega Cities and Dams” – 2nd GWSP Asia Network Meeting

Project • CRP2006-03NMY, CRP2007-03CMY, CRP2008-03CMY

Climate Change in Southeast Asia and Assessment on Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation on Rice Production and Water Balance

Project • 2005-17-NSG

Optimization strategies for the management of change in coastal zones and inland waters caused by Salinity Intrusion

Project • 2004-16-NSY

Groundwater Discharge as an Important Land-Sea Pathway in Southeast Asia

Project • 2003-CB01-NMY, 2004-CB02-CMY

Building the Capacity of Mekong River Countries to Assess Impacts from Climate Change: Case Study Approach on the Assessment of Community Vulnerability and Adaptation to the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Food Production.

Project • 2003-CRP01-NMY, 2004-CRP01-CMY, 2005-CRP01-CMY

Enhancement of National Capacities in the Application of Simulaton Models for the Assessment of Climate Change and its Impacts on Water Resources and Food & Agricultural Production

Project • 2002-12-NMY, 2003-04-CMY, 2004-02-CMY

Water Resources in South Asia: An Assessment of Climate Change-Associated Vulnerabilities and Coping Mechanisms

Project • 2001-19

Climate Change and Water Use in Asia Pacific Cities

Project • APN2000-NC01

Training Workshop for Capacity Building and Networking on Global Change Issues for Scientists in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka