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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2009-16NMY, ARCP2010-04CMY, ARCP2011-01CMY-Wang

Building Asian Climate Change Scenarios by Multi-Regional Climate Models Ensemble

Project • CBA2009-07NSY-Larigauderie

Second DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference: “Biodiversity and Society: Understanding Connections, Adapting to Change”: Ensuring a Strong Scientific Contribution from the Asia-Pacific Region

Project • ARCP2009-18NMY, ARCP2010-06CMY

Quantifying the Role of Dead Wood in Carbon Sequestration

Project • CBA2009-10NSY-Li

Inter-Agency Collaborative Technologies in Earth Observations (EO) for Global Change Research in the Asia-Pacific Region

Project • CBA2009-11NMY, CBA2010-01CMY

Promoting Sustainable Use of Waste Biomass in Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Thailand: Combining Food Security, Bio-energy and Climate Protection Benefits

Project • CBA2009-12NMY-Togtohyn, CBA2010-02CMY-Togtohyn

Dryland Development Paradigm (DDP) Application for the Most Vulnerable to Climate and Land Use Change of Pastoral Systems in the Southern Khangai Mountains of Mongolia (DDPPaS)

Project • CIA2009-01-Snidvongs

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Urban Development Planning for Asian Coastal Cities

Project • CIA2009-03-Lun

Climate Change in the Eastern Himalayas: Advancing Community-Based Scientific Capacity to Support Climate Change Adaptation

Project • ARCP2008-12NSY

Historical Reconstruction and Mapping of Pacific Island Coasts (PI-Coast Map)

Project • CBA2008-03NSY

Training Course on Regional Downscaling for Asia-Pacific Region Using APEC Climate Centre Global Seasonal Climate Prediction