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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2010-15NSY-South

Global Change and Coral Reef Management Capacity in the Pacific: Engaging Scientists and Policy Makers in Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu and Tonga

Project • CBA2009-05NSY-Salinger

International Workshop on the Content, Communication and Use of Weather and Climate Products and Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Project • CRP2009-01NMY, CRP2010-01CMY

Vulnerability Mapping as Policy Tool in Developing Countries

Project • CBA2008-04NSY-Nakashizuka

Training in Science-Policy Interfacing to Promote the Application of Scientific Knowledge on Adaptation of Forests and Forest Management to Climate Change

Project • ARCP2008-12NSY

Historical Reconstruction and Mapping of Pacific Island Coasts (PI-Coast Map)

Project • ARCP2008-13NMY-Fukami, ARCP2009-01CMY-Fukami

Flood Risk Management Demonstration Project (phase 1) Under the Asian Water Cycle Initiative for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (FRM/AWCI/GEOSS)

Project • CBA2007-03NSY-Nunn

Understanding Environmental Decision-Making in the Rural Pacific Islands

Project • ARCP2007-20-NSG

Development of Indices and Indicators for Monitoring Trends in Climate Extremes and its Application to Climate Change Projection

Project • CBA2006-01NSY

Capacity building and buidling research needs on the ecology of global change and Island landscapes of the Republic of Palau

Project • CBA2006-08NSY-Salinger

International Workshop on Coping with Agrometeorological Risks and Uncertainties: Challenges and Opportunities