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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • LCI2013-02CMY(R)-Dhakal, LCI2012-02NMY(R)-Dhakal

Understanding and Quantifying the Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus for Low Carbon Development in Asian Cities

Project • LCI2012-03NMY(R)-Lopez

Assessment of Carbon Sequestration through Vermitechnology in Organic Farming

Project • LCI2013-03CMY(R)-Macandog, LCI2012-04NMY(R)-Macandog

Integrated Sustainability Assessment of Bioenergy Potentials in Asia: An Application of a Hybrid Approach on Trade-offs and Pathway

Project • LCI2013-05CMY(R)-Jupesta, LCI2012-05NMY(R)-Jupesta

Low Carbon Urban Infrastructure Investment: Cases of China, Indonesia, and Japan

Project • LCI2012-01NSY(C)-Maeda

Capacity building for implementing a “measurable, verifiable and reportable (MRV)” model in a mid-sized Thai municipality

Project • LCI2012-02NSY(C)-Guerrero

Strengthening Community Voices in REDD+ Policy

Project • LCI2013-01CMY(R)-Vashist, LCI2012-01NMY(R)-Vashist

Identification of policy and institutional gaps, drivers and strategies to scale-up low carbon and energy efficient technology application in the construction and infrastructure sectors in South Asia