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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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APN Member • 28 July 2021

Iqbal Abdullah Harun

Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

An integrated method for identifying present status and risk of drought in Bangladesh

Resources • 2018

Grey building handbook

Book / book chapter • 2021

Disaster Resilience in South Asia: Tackling the Odds in the Sub-Continental Fringes

Project • CBA2020-06SY-Yoo

WCRP Workshop on Extremes in Climate Prediction Ensembles (ExCPEns), Busan, Korea, Fall 2021

Project • CBA2020-03MY-Dey

Building capacities among AP-PLAT partners in the “science of pricing ecosystem services” for enabling ecosystem-based adaptation for sustainable future

Researcher • 23 March 2021

Md. Rafiqul Islam

Researcher • 23 March 2021

Md Firoz Khan

Project • CRRP2020-08MY-Srivastava

Protecting ecosystems and livelihoods of the Sundarbans, a World Heritage site: Assessing the impact of natural hazards on forest-based ecosystem services

Researcher • 19 March 2021

Mohammed A. S. Arfin Khan