CRRP 2017


The APN invites proposals under the Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP) for funding from September 2018. A limited amount of financial support is available for regional research activities that fall within its areas of interest.

Activities related to collaborative regional research programme that APN supports cover the following:

  1. Collaborative research on global change and sustainability that, particularly, addresses gaps, analysis, synthesis and assessment work.
  2. Collaborative research that develops pathways and mechanisms to achieve sustainable development and develop adaptation strategies.
  3. Collaborative place-based integrative research particularly from developing countries.
  4. Collaborative research that contributes to the evolving science-policy arena, including IPCC, IPBES, post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as ongoing and new global change and sustainability research programmes.


Researchers, academics, practitioners working in institutions based in APN member country and approved country is eligible to apply for APN grant. Details of eligibility criteria are outlined in the Guide for Proponent.


Please note that APN does not support:

  1. The running costs of institutions;
  2. The salaries of administration staff; the salaries of researchers who receive or are to receive full-time salary support;
  3. The salaries of consultants (project leaders and collaborators should have the expertise to conduct the activities);
  4. The maintenance of long-term observation and monitoring systems; and
  5. General purpose equipment such as personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or fixed office structure (desks, chairs, etc).

For further information on what APN can and cannot support please refer to Online Advisory Service

High Priority Topics for Funding

At the APN's 22nd Inter-Governmental Meeting (held in April 2017), APN established high priority topics based on inputs from member countries in each of the APN's subregion. Following the decision, APN invites trans- and interdisciplinary research and capacity development proposals focusing on the following topics for South Asia, Southeast Asia and Temperate East Asia as indicated below:

South Asia

  • Policy-relevant research on implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
  • Extreme events related to monsoon and climate change

Southeast Asia

  • Disaster risk reduction and resilience to climate change
  • Community resilience to climate change impacts in vulnerable areas
  • Energy, ecosystems in a changing climate, low carbon society
  • Water, agricultural productivity, nutrient management

Temperate East Asia

  • Climate change impacts on global supply chain
  • Climate change and human security (water-food-energy nexus)
  • Water treatment technology transfer in the context of Paris Agreement
  • Extreme events related to monsoon and climate change

While acknowledging that high priority will be given to regional research proposals and capacity development proposals that address the abovementioned topics in the subregions above, APN is also interested in receiving trans- and interdisciplinary research and capacity development proposals related to the following topics (not in priority order):

  • Human health and climate change
  • Technology transfer in contribution to the Paris Agreement
  • Climate change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Management of ecosystem services for water and food security
  • Air quality: urban air quality; transboundary air quality management
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Mainstreaming gender equity in global environmental change
  • Economic valuation and modelling on global change impacts

Proposals that do not address any of the above topics will not be accepted under the 2017 Call for Proposals.

Submission Procedure

Proponent must submit a Summary Proposal under CRRP by completing the submission form. The form must be completed and submitted by Wednesday, 1 November 2017. Applications will undergo a screening process performed by the APN's Scientific Planning Group (SPG) who will select successful proponents that will proceed to the next stage. All proponents are notified of the results of the preliminary screening by mid-December 2017.

Proponents who pass this stage will be invited to submit Full Proposal for further consideration by the SPG, external reviewers and APN stakeholders, as appropriate.

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