Opportunities for Young and Early-Career Scientists

One of APN’s goals is to improve the scientific and technical capabilities for high-quality research that provides underpinning scientific support for policy-makers and policy-making processes. An approach to achieving this goal is to invest in developing the capacity to young and early-career scientists in APN member countries. This support is provided through various mechanisms particularly the ones listed below.

The CAPaBLE Programme

Under the CAPaBLE programme, thousands of young and early-career scientists have been provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and capabilities in global change research. APN also provides funds through CAPaBLE projects to support young/early-career scientists to participate in international symposiums and present their research output.

Proposal Development Training Workshops

APN conducted the first proposal development training workshop (PDTW) in 2008 as a key activity under its capacity development agenda. Since then,  APN has been conducting PDTW in various parts of the region. Starting from 2014, PDTWs are conducted annually, rotating among APN sub-regions. Visit this page for more information about PDTWs.

APN Mitra Award on Global Change Research

The Mitra Award for Global Change Research was established in 2010 in memory of Dr. Ashesh Proshad Mitra, APN SPG Member for India from 1996 to 2007. The award recognises outstanding young scientists conducting global change research in Asia-Pacific region. Visit this page for more information about the Mitra Award.