LCI(Low Carbon Initiatives) プログラムにて承認されましたプロジェクトを紹介します

この度以下のプロジェクトに対してLCI(Low Carbon Initiatives) プログラムによる助成を行うことが決定しましたので発表いたします。

  • LCI2012-CDFP01-Maeda
    Capacity Building for Implementing a “Measurable, Verifiable and Reportable (MRV)” Model in a Mid-Sized Thai Municipality
  • LCI2012-CDFP03-Guerrero
    Strengthening Community Voices In REDD+ Policy
  • LCI2012-RRFP03-Nagrath
    Identification of Policy and Institutional Gaps, Drivers and Strategies to Scale-up Low Carbon and Energy Efficient Technology Application in the Construction and Infrastructure Sectors in South Asia
  • LCI2012-RRFP05-Dhakal
    Understanding and Quantifying yhe Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus for Low Carbon Development in Asian Cities
  • LCI2012-RRFP06-Lopez
    Assessment of Carbon Sequestration through Vermitechnology in Organic Farming
  • LCI2012-RRFP07-Macandog
    Integrated Sustainability Assessment of Bio Energy Potentials in Asia: an Application of a Hybrid Approach on Trade-offs and Pathway
  • LCI2012-RRFP08-Jupesta
    Low Carbon Urban Infrastructure Investment: Cases of China, Indonesia, and Japan