Call for External Reviewers

APN is inviting experts to serve as members of its External Reviewers Board for reviewing proposals submitted to APN, and members of its Editorial Advisory Committee for APN Science Bulletin, a peer-reviewed journal published by APN.

Who can apply to become an external reviewer?

We are looking for the following candidates from within and outside the Asia-Pacific region:

  • Natural and social scientists working in all areas related to global environmental change, preferably with experience in research of policy and societal relevance;
  • Capacity development experts with rich experience in global change-related capacity development at local, national and international levels;
  • Current and former APN-funded project leaders and collaborators;
  • Former members of APN Scientific Planning Group and Capacity Development Committee.

If you are interested in registering on our roster of external reviewers, please complete the online form at:

What are the responsibilities of an external reviewer?

Depending on their availability, external reviewers will be invited to review one or more of the following, on a voluntary basis:

  • Global change research proposals submitted under APN’s Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP) or other calls for research proposals.
  • Capacity development proposals submitted under APN’s Scientific Capacity Development programme, CAPaBLE or other calls for capacity development proposals.
  • Manuscripts submitted to APN Science Bulletin, an annual peer-reviewed publication that features outcomes of APN-funded projects.

What are the benefits of being an external reviewer?

Similar to internal reviewers, external reviews are conducted on a voluntary basis. However, in addition to access to project proposals and articles developed by an active community in the Asia-Pacific region, external reviewers will be recognised for their contribution, including by:

  • Listing active external reviewers on APN website;
  • Issuing a certificate for external reviewers upon request;
  • Listing participating external reviewers’ information on the APN Science Bulletin.

If you are interested in becoming an external reviewer, please register yourself on the roster of external reviewers by completing the online form at 

For more information about APN’s activities please visit our website at For information about APN Science Bulletin, please download the latest issue at