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APN logo APN enters its fourth strategic phase and celebrates the 20th anniversary in 2015. Turning to this exciting new chapter, we redesigned the APN logo adding to it a modern touch while maintaining the original visual identity. An additional logo for the 20th anniversary is created to further raise awareness of APN’s achievements over the past two decades.

In the lead up to APN’s 20th anniversary, we encourage you to join the celebration by using the new APN logo in combination with the 20th anniversary logo in your information products.

Details about the new APN logo and the anniversary logo, including guidelines for their usage, can be found in the Logo Usage Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the logos?

  • Awardees of APN grants to acknowledge APN support.
  • Project leaders, collaborators and partner organisations to link to APN website or acknowledge assistance or affiliation
  • APN members to promote activities and increase awareness of APN

Who cannot use the logos?

  • The APN logo cannot be used in a manner that falsely implies employment by or affiliation with APN
  • The APN logo cannot be used to imply or endorse a product or service

Do I need permission to use the logos?

No explicit permission is necessary to use the APN logo.

What are the dos and don’ts for using the logos?

The APN Logo Usage Guidelines provide information on what you may and may not do with the APN logo and its 20th anniversary logo.

What formats are provided?

A number of variations in the following formats, in colour, greyscale and white, are available for download on this page:

  • JPEG (bitmap for screen, without transparency)
  • PNG (bitmap for screen, with transparency)
  • EPS (vector image for print)
  • SVG (vector image for web and print)


Whenever possible, the colour versions should be used. For more information about logo usage please refer to the Logo Usage Guidelines.

Colour Greyscale White
apn logo v JPEG | PNG | EPS | SVG JPEG | PNG | EPS | SVG PNG | EPS | SVG
apn logo v JPEG | PNG | EPS | SVG JPEG | PNG | EPS | SVG PNG | EPS | SVG

Please email the APN Secretariat ( for questions regarding use of the logo.