New Project Publications

  • ARCP2010-02CMY-Phua: Integrated Prediction of Dipterocarp Species Distribution in Borneo for Supporting Sustainable Use and Conservation Policy Adaptation
    – Monitoring deforestation in Sarawak, Malaysia using multitemporal Landsat data, by Tsuyuki, S., Goh M. H., Teo S. P., Kamlun, K. U. and Phua, M.-H. , 2011, Published in: Kanto Forest Research 62: 87-90
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  • ARCP2001-12-Ding: Monitoring and Prediction of ENSO Event and SSTA over the Warm Pool in the Western Pacific Ocean
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    Other online resources

    – Monitoring and Predicting ENSO Events and Sea Temperature Structure of the Warm Pool in the Western Pacific Ocean, by Ding YIHUI, Li QINGQUAN, Zhang ZUQIANG and Zhai PANMAO
    , Published in: Global Environmental Research Vol.9 No.1